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Strawberries Strawberries are native to France and were first cultivated around 1700. They are cultivated in summer and reach maturity in spring, when they turn red with yellow-greenish pigments through tiny achenes on the outer skin that are commonly referred to as “seeds”.


From december to june

Strawberries are also known for their antioxidant properties and also contain Vitamin A, B1, B2, and K in addition to mineral salts including iron, potassium, magnesium and manganese. They have a modest caloric value and mainly simple sugars (fructose) but are rich in water (90.5 g per 100 g) and fibres. Finally, the roots and leaves of the strawberry plant are useful for healing wounds and grazes.

Varieties – Marketing areas and periods

Sicily: from December to January

EEC imports: from February to March

Italy (Sicily / Basilicata / Campania / Polesine / Ferrarese): from February to June

Candonga: 20th March / 31st May

Properties and benefits

They boost the immune system and improve the microcirculation: the iron, calcium and magnesium contained help to prevent colds and rheumatism while the acetylsalicylic acid helps to reactivate the immune system and also improves the microcirculation functions as it also has a beneficial effect in the case of swollen legs, cellulate and water retention. Strawberries also have laxative properties and favour diuresis, with beneficial effects also for the liver, while the phosphorous they contain have purifying properties that are also favour a healthly liver.

We buy Top Quality Candonga® strawberries directly from the consortium through one of our business partners. We package and distribute these in Central and Northern Italy. With the very first bite, Candonga® strawberries give off an intense, fruity fragrance, followed by a perfectly balan-ced taste between acidic and sweet. The sugar content of strawberries is around 12 degrees Brix. Compared to other strawberries, this indicates the absence of the initial distinctly tart flavour typical of lower quality strawberries, without being excessively sweet.

They are processed in our facility, at Via Einstein 31, Stanghella (PD) Italy, where they are packaged in flow pack trays weighing 250 g or 500 gr, or wooden boxes weighing 1 kg. The packages are palletized based on the customer’s needs; we offer different types of carton sizes and colours. Customized labelling upon request.

Fragole - Ortofrutta Castello
Fragole - Ortofrutta Castello
Fragole - Ortofrutta Castello

Strawberries crop plan