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thirty years of operations

Ortofrutta Castello Srl boasts thirty years of operations. The company has played an active role in the evolution of the fruit and vegetable market, which has seen the creation and proliferation of large-scale distributions companies, becoming a leader in this sector as direct source for procurement.

Our dynamic and flexible company benefits from agricoltural-commercial experience going back several generations and the imput of a significant number of affiliate agricultural companies implemented in crop planning so that the entire value chain can be monitored.

Processing, packaging and delivery are carried out directly; this way the entire supply chain is monitored.

The factory

IPT S.r.l. Engineering and Architecture of Padua has built a very modern factory of about 10,000 square meters to meet new organizational and processing needs. The various areas and departments are specific and distinct, supported by the most modern technologies to best carry out each phase of the production cycle, all in a temperature-controlled environment and maintaining continuity of the cold chain.

The new headquarters are at the gates of the Boara Pisani motorway exit in the production area of the Municipality of Stanghella in Via Einstein with access from State Road SS 16.

The company is IFS certified



Quality meant as “excellence” and “healthiness” is the primary goal we try to keep unchanged over time. Excellence of the product is closely linked to the fact that it must meet the consumer’s taste and for this we rely on market research (consumer tests) and work together with seed companies to best meet this need.
As regards healthiness of the product from the hygienic point of view, we have implemented the HACCP system, whereas to safeguard its genuineness, the product is grown following systems of integrated pest management and the protocol of good agricultural practice (Globalgap certification) along with the readiness of our affiliated farms to adopt the procedural guidelines issued by large-scale retail for their production.


The goods are transported from the production areas using our means and processing and packaging are carried out directly at our factory by implementing the tracing and tracking system. As we do not make use of third-party companies, we are able to eliminate inconveniences due to loss of time so we can deliver fresh produce on time.
In addition, this organizational method, which excludes any form of intermediation, leads us to be very competitive in terms of price in an increasingly selective market, such as the fruit and vegetables market.

Organization chart